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Copper Chelate

Copper ChelateCopper is one of the most misunderstood dietary components. While it is the third most abundant trace mineral in the body (iron and zinc taking the top two positions); most people do consider it an important part of their diet.

More unnerving still is that many are taking steps to exclude copper from the diet, being under the impression that its consumption will unleash an arsenal of free radicals to attack their healthy cells. This is not so. While it is true that unbound, free copper has generated free radicals in vitro, the relevance of this inside the body is all but non-existent. Copper has an entirely different role in the body. It is a component in two of your most active antioxidant enzymes, copper-zinc superoxide dismutase and ceruloplasmin.

Copper chelate is a key supplement in preventing coronary disease. It has been recognised as helping lipid (fat) metabolism, which helps prevent unnecessary fat storage. Copper deficiency has also been proven to increase LDL cholesterol, increasing with it the risk of heart disease.

A diet that reaches its daily copper requirements is ensuring not only the health of your heart, but also your arterial functions. Erections are the result of the blood retaining tissue of the penis becoming saturated. Healthy arteries are essential in delivering this blood to the penile chambers for increased erectile function.

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